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Making a Difference
Gess Ltd is a designer, fabricator and distributor of columns and streetlights. Apart from standard streetlights and columns , we are also active in the Sportsfield, Telecommunication pole market as well as the decorative market. The decorative market consisting mainly of CBD upgrades, and new subdivision columns. Some more notable recent CBD upgrades include Otahuhu, Papatoetoe, Westhaven Marina, Manukau, Mt Albert and Mt Eden to name a few.


Why Work With Us

Commitment to service

Our commitment to service is what sets us apart. Our aim is to challenge our clients thinking whilst satisfing their needs in the fastest time, and at the lowest possible cost.

Our Products

All products are manufactured to the relevant AS/NZ standards and producer statements are supplied where required. In partnership with Valmont poles we are able to offer a competitive standard range of streetlights to the NZ market. All of our poles are approved to NZTA M26 and ATCoP standards and specifications. 

Exclusive distributors

We are exclusive New Zealand distributors for Valmont poles. Valmont founded in 1946 with its headquarters in Omaha, USA, is the world’s leading producer of products for the infrastructure markets. Valmont has manufacturing facilities in 23 countries.

What makes us different

- 01

Gess columns are a minimum of 3mm thick steel. Why 3mm steel?

  • Copes with corrosion better than the 2mm steel currently available in the marketplace.
  • Allows for use anywhere in NZ including windy Wellington. The latest NIWA report indicates increased westerly extremes (refer section 3.7 and figure 52 of the report available from
  • New Italo 3 luminaires are a whopping 19.5kg.
  • No need to worry about additional signage that seems to make its way to streetlights.
- 02

Inground portion is Sigma coated with a 10 year guarantee

  • Coated from 200mm above ground all the way to the bottom.
  • Using a Gess column ensures a generous area of coverage limiting the chance of exposure to the ground when planting a column.
- 03

Faster install time

Less sections than other poles saving time and money. For example: 6m and 7m poles are a one piece pole and 8m and 10m poles are two piece poles.

- 04

Poles start at 94mm width at the top (AF) and not 81mm

Poles are therefore able to cope with greater loads.

- 05

Double cable entry

Helping your sparky if the supply cable is on the ‘wrong’ side.

- 06

All outreaches come with draw wires already installed.

- 07

All doors come with 2 x anti-tamper stainless steel security screws.

- 08

We use M30 bolts on our shear base columns compared to the legacy M24 bolts.

- 09

Our shear base columns have cable isolation clamps both in the pole and ground stub.

- 08

All base sections (ground plant or ground stubs) have additional anti-sink straps welded to the bottom to assist in lesser load bearing soils.

M24 bolts are on their fatigue limit and require 6 monthly inspections. M30 bolts only require a routine annual inspection cycle. (Inspection cycles exclude extreme weather events.)

- 09

All columns have permanent ID markings and year of manufacture (YOM) on the bottom section to help identify the poles.

Sole NZ Distributor

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